2 bulgarian wine requested : Chardonnay

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2 bulgarian wine requested : Chardonnay

Мнениеот SEB » Нед Дек 11, 2011 5:17 pm

Dear Sirs,
as you probably know, we are italian wine importer-exporter, this time interested to Chardonnay , for a yearly quantity 30-50.000 bottles 0,75 lit.
In case you have this wine, please send us your best price for each vintage available with related quantity, alcohol %, residual sugar g/l, total acidity g/l, and picture of the bottle on separate file, adding your last best price EXW . Please consider advanced payment, and beginning delivery on next spring 2012. We need your data within next 5 days.
Beside this specific request, we would be interested on your full range of products, for future requests.
Waiting for your kind reply soon, best regards and wishes
Your sincerely

Dr Francesco MAZZALI
via Vittorio Veneto, 9
41037 Mirandola (MO) Italia
+39 340 9620270 - +39 535 731458
baframa88@yahoo.com; francescovini@gmail.com;
Skype: francesco.mazzali
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